Paving ways

Paving ways

1 - Chui Sai On's visit to Portugal lived up to the high expectations created by the months of intense trilateral interaction between Lisbon, Beijing and Macau. The step taken towards the recognition of degrees and diplomas of higher education is important, solving a problem that existed for several years. Also at the educational level, the agreement to install a center of the Tourism Training Institute (IFT), of Macau, in Estoril signals a new level of cooperation, paving the way for a cross-way of enhancing the value of training between the two sides. Strengthening ties in education, language and culture illustrates a relationship that started more than 400 years with the arrival of the Portuguese to Macau and has gained new contours over the last two decades since Macau was returned to the Chinese administration. In this regard, it is worth highlighting what has been achieved over the last five years through the Subcommittee on Portuguese Language and Education - within the framework of the Macau-Portugal Joint Committee. This has been possible thanks to the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture's effort and the support of the Central Government. Portugal also started to look at Macau in another way. It is still insufficient given the potential for cooperation, but the pillars are set for a new decade marked by even stronger and broader ties. For this one needs continued and renwed political will and ability to put the policies in practice by the three sides ofthe equation: Macau, Beijing and Lisbon.

2 - Macau's public service broadcaster TDM - partner of Plataforma - celebrated 35 years of broadcasting this week. On May 13, 1984, Macau began to look at itself from within, opening a new era in the media sector. TDM's role of public service to the communities of Macau has been priceless and has been made possible by the contribution of thousands of professionals over the last three and a half decades. To everyone congratulations!

3- We celebrate this week the 5th anniversary of this editorial project that started out as a dream launched by Paulo Rego which turned into a bilingual and pluricontinental reality. Plataforma celebrates its first five years with a sense of gratitude and hope for the future. This has been possible thanks to the commitment and work of all those involved in the production of this newspaper over the last five years, the network of partnerships we have inked with media outlets from China and portuguese-Speaking countries and the readers - our raison d'être. Some of them shared key ideas about who we are and where we are going in this issue. Thank you.