Recently the Macau SAR government moved forward the law proposal on a plastic bag fee, MOP 1 (USD 0.12) after three years of a public consultation up in the air. With a target to cut down 50 per cent of plastic bag usage by consumers, meanwhile, when retailers that fail to follow will face a fine of MOP 1,000 (USD 124) or up to MOP 10,000 (USD 1,237).


Other news

US Senator Joseph McCarthy went down in history for the wrong reasons. Around 1950 he led an anti-communist campaign in the United States, an undertaking which is often described as a witch hunt. The paranoia and persecution of allegedly subversive individuals, with real or imaginary connections to the Soviet Union and communist ideology, led to espionage charges and privacy invasion practices, destroying the lives of intellectuals, artists, government and army officials.


There is nothing suggesting that the voting, which will take place in the British Parliament in a few days, in order to try to ratify the agreement between London and the "EU 27" for a negotiated exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, will have a favorable result.



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