Yellow vs blue: Hong Kong restaurants take sides

As protests in Hong Kong continue, colored ribbons represent the various opinions in the debate, causing serious rifts even within families.

A long queue for breakfast outside Hong Kong's Lang Hum cafe on Saturday - a restaurant labeled as ''yellow ribbon'' - in a show of allegiance to anti-government protesters. Some customers waiting for a table say they want to support the restaurant after it was recently vandalized by the so-called 'blue-ribbon' pro-Beijing group.

Blue or yellow-leaning businesses are even marked out on a map, making it easier to find restaurants that align with different political views.

Kate Lee owns a 'blue ribbon' coffee shop. "It affects me directly. When they clearly differentiate between yellow and blue businesses, I think yellow-ribbon people won't like me. Blue-ribbon people will rush to support me. There are good and bad impacts, but this affects the people of Hong Kong. The situation outside is very tense, especially on weekends. People don't dare to go out and eat."

Hong Kong is now in its fifth month of protests, which have plunged it into its biggest political crisis in decades and taken a heavy toll on the economy.

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