Women's minister says she talked with Jesus on a guava tree

Women's minister says she talked with Jesus on a guava tree

The Evangelical pastor Bolsonaro has chosen to head the Ministry of Women and Family said she tried to kill herself as a child. She saw Jesus when she climbed a guava tree to kill herself.

Damares Alves, the Evangelical pastor chosen by Bolsonaro to head the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, described her supernatural experience before an audience of thousands of believers. The incoming minister - who has argued that women were born to be mothers and that embryos should have the status of a human being - has seen Jesus with her own eyes. This is what she said before thousands of believers, with the usual loud and clamoring voice of Evangelical pastors.

With a very emotive speech, Bolsonaro's pastor said she saw Jesus at the age of 10 when she climbed a guava tree to poison herself. "When I was 10, I wanted to kill myself. I found some poison and I was going to take it. My father's house was a pastor's house behind the church. There was a guava tree next to my father's house. And when I climbed the guava tree to take the poison, something extraordinary happened: I saw Jesus approaching the guava tree. I had an extraordinary epiphany!"

"He looked at me, he was so beautiful. He had a long robe, a long beard, a child's idea of Jesus! " Damares Alves said she feared for Christ's safety. "Jesus Christ started climbing the guava tree. I forgot about the poison and thought to myself: 'Don't come up, Jesus; you don't know how to climb a guava tree. You will fall and get hurt. You've suffered so much on the cross already!'"

According to Damares Alves, the fact that Jesus managed to climb the guava tree "without falling" proves his supernatural powers. Moreover, the Evangelical pastor believes that she was saved and that God gave her a mission as a legislator. "Jesus Christ gave me the hug that the Church didn't. And a miracle happened on that guava tree: the little girl that Satan wanted to crush changed her ways and is now up there, in the Federal Senate, creating laws to save the children of Brazil.