US Embassy advises against visits to Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado

  |  Reuters

The US diplomatic representation in Mozambique issued a new warning advising against visits to the northern province plagued by terrorist attacks

"Avoiding the zone" is what tops the list of precautions to take, according to the security alert issued on Wednesday. "Due to threats of attack, kidnapping and other forms of violence, the embassy reiterates its call for extra caution to US citizens who are considering to travel to the Cabo Delgado province, specifically to the districts of Mocimboa da Praia, Nangade, Palma, Macomia, Ibo, Ancuabe and Quissanga" reads the warning.

The US diplomatic representation has been issuing regular warnings, advising against visits to the Cabo Delgado region due to armed violence. The last warning was issued in March and the districts pointed out by the warnings have been varying.

One of the largest investments by US companies in Africa takes place in the region and is related to the construction of megaprojects for natural gas exploration. The oil company Exxon Mobil leads one of the consortia.

The latest attack on Cabo Delgado was on Wednesday in the village of Tingina, in the Nangade district, where vehicles, merchandise and housing were destroyed, residents told Lusa.

The Cabo Delgado region has been the scene of attacks by armed groups since October 2017, after years of latent conflict between Muslims from different backgrounds. Violence is born in radicalized mosques.

At least 300 people have died, according to the official figures and the population, and 60,000 residents have been affected, many forced to travel elsewhere for safety, according to the United Nations.