Two dead and 12 injured in a bus crash in Hong Kong

The accident happened at the intersection of King's Road and Hei Wo Street in North Point after the vehicle had covered several meters unruly.

Two people died and 12 others have been injured after a runaway school bus hit several people before hitting a building in a street trading area. The accident happened at the intersection of King's Road and Hei Wo Street in North Point just before 2:00 pm (local time)

The first images of the tragedy show a crushed vehicle at the door of a building and several people scattered along the asphalt. At that time, a Hong Kong police spokesman even told the reporters that the bus was completely empty.

A video posted on the social networks (which you can see below) shows the bus parked outside the North Point Methodist elementary school on Cheung Hong Street. Then you see the driver leaving and the vehicle starting to move. The driver still tried to stop the vehicle, but he couldn"t. Apparently, the bus would be disengaged or even unlocked.

To the South China Morning Post, a witness who was a few meters from the accident revealed how he saw death passing by. "I saw four or five people lying on the floor. One of them was even under the vehicle. The people were terrified. It was chaotic. "

The vehicle hit first on one side of Hei Wo Street, hitting several people before turning and hitting a building entrance across the street, witnesses said.

According to one official, the wounded were taken to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai and to Pamela Youde Nethersole's Oriental Hospital in Chai Wan. Six of them - four men and two women - found themselves in critical condition. Four of them- two men and two women - are in serious condition. The remaining two, male, are in a stable situation.

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