Premium The number of Brazilians barred at the entrance of Portugal is rising

SEF says it complies with the European legislation

SEF says it complies with the European legislation

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Reshipment to the State of origin is of the responsibility of the carrier. Until then, they stay in a temporary installation center. SEF says it follows European legislation and that the denial is the last option, but Casa do Brasil is accusing SEF of doing this arbitrarily.

These are foreign citizens, especially Brazilians, who have no valid reason to enter Portugal or do not have their visa in order. Last year, the Immigration and Borders Service blocked the entry of 3758 people, 76% of whom came from Brazil. Despite being residual in relation to the eight million controlled citizens, the denials of entry in the country have risen since five years ago.

Having a student visa when, in fact, they are looking for work; or apply for a tourist visa at the border, without proving that they are indeed a tourist; or not presenting a valid reason justifying entry into Portugal. These are the main reasons why the SEF refuses the entrance of a foreign citizen.

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