Premium The New Silk Road

For Beijing, the new trade routes extend from China to the Moon. Along the way they will create the first alien: a cocoon of silkworms whose larva should be born on the hidden face of the Moon.

China has arrived on the Moon with a probe that represents an impressive demonstration of power. The landing place is on the hidden face of the Moon, not only because no one has been there yet, but also because it is believed that there are important scientific informations there, that the area is rich in minerals and that it is the perfect base for launching future space explorations. This event represents much more than a mere symbolic achievement and is another point on the long list of tasks of the Chinese space program - which has a long-term strategy.

There are three important points here, the first being scientific: the view of the universe from the hidden face of the Moon is undeniably better, which is why for decades scientists have dreamed of putting an observatory there. Without the interferences coming from the Earth, whose signals are absorbed by the Moon, it is easier to perceive the evolution of the universe. It will also be there that a lunar station shall be born, making it easier to jump to other unexplored destinations. And that is also the best place to develop experiences about life outside the planet Earth.

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