Premium The luxury of the new Mormon temple where non-believers stay outside

The first Mormon temple built in Portugal is today officially opened in Lisbon (Parque das Nações). The work - 41 meters high, from the base to the statue of the angel Moroni, in a gold-plated spire - now and forever closes to the public who, freely, has been able to visit all its grandeur in the last 15 days of August. From now on, only the faithful with recommendation card enter.

Those who entered will certainly have the memory of a luxurious environment that resembles a five star hotel and where nothing was left to chance. Turkish marbles, carpets, woolen rugs, gold-leaf patterned stained glass, chandeliers with thousands of Swarovsky pieces, a 12-oxen font inevitably raise the issue of cost. But no one there reveals how much the temple cost.

"It is the most important building in our church and the quality has to be as high as possible because it is the most worshiped place by the faithful," said Paulo Adriano, national communication director, adding that he will not reveal how much it cost because "the church does not want to focus on money."

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