The "Beijing bikini" is threatened by Chinese authorities

The Chinese city of Jinan was the first to ban the "Beijing bikini": it consists of old men with a t-shirt rolled up and the belly on display

The Chinese authorities want to ban throughout the country what they consider to be "improper images" of old men with their belly showing wearing the famous "Beijing bikini". The sight of almost elderly men with a fat belly, wobbling by the streets is not in line with the policy of good taste that the authorities want to cultivate.

There has been a Chinese city that has already reached the ban on "Beijing bikini": Jinan, capital of Shandong province, where 8.7 million people live, reported Le Monde Afrique.

Since the beginning of July, Jinan County has issued a guide with a list of reprehensible "rude behaviors", including naked busting on public road wearing the "Beijing bikini". To justify this classification, the municipal authorities explained that the practice "damages the image of the city and the moral of its inhabitants".

The penalties provided for: verbal admonition of the first time it is caught and public denunciation of the infraction in the event of a repeat offense.

Forbidden to roll up the pants

Jinan County's ban list also includes: rolling up pants to refresh feet, spitting on the floor, walking the dog in an "uncivilized" way or skipping in a waiting line. But the ban on the "Beijing bikini" is the most controversial ban and the one that is generating more debate in the country.

The practice is inherited from Traditional Chinese Medicine, recalled The Washington Post. Exposing the diaphragm allows you to release the warm energies of the spirit around the organs. On the other hand, the heatwave period in the Shandong region makes it almost unbearable to wear clothes. "Lifting the t-shirt causes less carbon dioxide emissions than turning on the air conditioning", recalled a Chinese Internet surfer who advocated the "Beijing bikini", quoted by the Us chain CNN.

Other INTERNET users criticized the discrimination around old and ugly bodies because if they were beautiful and young, there would be no problem. But the city of Jinan is not the first to take action against bare-chests. In May, an inhabitant of the port of Tianjin was fined 6.25 euros for showing the belly.

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