Swedish activist begins Atlantic crossing to save planet

Greta Thunberg, 16 years old, will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a boat to avoid pollutant emissions from airplanes.

Accompanying Greta on this two-week trip are her father Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Carolina of Monaco, and a German filmmaker who will record the entire journey.

Greta Thunberg will address the United Nations on September 23rd and has said she does not intend to be received by Donald Trump.

"In the United States, many people do not understand and do not accept science," Greta Thunberg told AFP before the trip began. "I will do what I always do: ignore them and speak only what science says," said the teenager who started a worldwide climate strike movement.

The trip started early this afternoon in Plymouth, England, on a boat that does not emit carbon dioxide. The 18-meter-long Malizia II, headed by Pierre Casiraghi and German sailor Boris Herrmann, is equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines, which generate the electricity that powers the navigation instruments, autopilot, desalination equipment and a laboratory to measure the CO2 level of the waters. The only equipment that consumes fossil energy on board is a small gas stove to heat the water and thus rehydrate the freeze-dried vegan food packages that will feed the participants of the trip.

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