Suspects of Marielle's death were detained. One is a policeman and was honored by the son of Bolsonaro

Authorities believe they have arrested an essential figure in the death of the councilwoman: Ronald Pereira, police major, who was once honored by Bolsonaro's own son.

The operation "The Untouchables", unleashed this morning in areas controlled by militias in Rio de Janeiro, arrested five suspects of the murders of the councilwoman Marielle Franco and the driver Anderson Gomes in March last year. They are members of one of the oldest militias in the city, operating in Muzema and Rio das Pedras, districts of the western zone of Rio.

One of the detained in the case is Major Ronald Pereira of the Military Police, 43, an official who allegedly belongs to the "Crime Office", the organization's armed wing, which specializes in paid assassinations and whose main clients, according to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, are politicians and businessmen linked to the gambling underworld.

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