'Super Drags'. Netflix's first Brazilian animation causes controversy

The Brazilian Society of Pediatrics has condemned the series, which does not even have a debut date yet. The problem is the plot: young people who become superhero 'drag queens'

In a statement, the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics condemned the first Brazilian animation for Netflix because of its argument. The plot revolves around young people who become superhero 'drag queens'. The statement, which is entitled "Against the children and adolescents exposure to inappropriate content on TV, " warns of "the risks of using an imminently childish language to discuss topics related to the adult world"


According to the Brazilian website G1, the series "Super Drags" tells the story of three friends. "During the day, they work in a department store and have to put up with their despicable boss. "At night, they show their true colors and become super drags, ready to save the world from evil and prejudice, while facing a failed villain every episode", as revealed in the description of the North American video plataform.