Street kids "beaten and forced to clean Angola police headquarters"

The children are taken by the police to some Luanda police stations where they are forced to do cleaning, Euronews said. The police command will investigate

The street kids in the Angolan capital told the Euronews news channel that they were repeatedly taken off the road by police, beaten by the agents and taken in the van to some Luanda police stations where they are forced to clean. According to reports, the abuses have taken place in the "1º de Maio" station, in the heart of the capital, and in the "Cacuaco" station, in the north of the city.

The channel contacted the command of the Angolan National Police. "We will check it out. We believe that in some circumstances our agents may have committed some excess and it would be good, for these denunciations to be effectively handled, that they were formalized, so those agents could be held accountable", said the Intendant Mateus de Lemos Rodrigues, spokesman of the National Police of Angola.

Some institutions supporting these children told Euronews that they had already written to the police to report the abuses but received no response. They would like to carry out a joint effort in order to minimize the problem.

According to a recent survey, in four months of last year, 465 street kids were identified in Luanda alone. Eighty percent of the kids who live on the streets have, in some way or other, already been approached by the police, the report said.