Storm kills at least 11 people and causes chaos in São Paulo

The heavy rains that hit São Paulo and the Greater ABC area on Sunday evening and the early hours of Monday (March 11) led to serious disturbances across the region. The Emergency Service has confirmed 11 dead at 12.45 pm today. In Ribeirão Pires alone, according to the State's Emergency Service, four people were killed and two were injured in a house collapse after a landslide.

In the state capital, according to the Fire Department, twelve people were rescued - four women and eight children. The situation is particularly critical in the Ipiranga region (southern São Paulo) after the overflow of Tamanduateí river. The area has been on alert since 8.40 pm on Sunday. Roads along the Pinheiros and Tiete rivers are blocked in several areas and drivers are leaving their vehicles while waiting for the traffic to clear.

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