South African violence without Angolan victims

South African violence without Angolan victims

Mota Ambrósio/Edições Novembro

On his return from Brazzaville yesterday, President João Lourenço met with Cyril Ramaphosa's envoy at 4 de Fevereiro Airport (Luanda) to receive news about the attacks taking place in South Africa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa's International Relations Assistant Khulo Mbtaha, who delivered a personal message to João Lourenço, told reporters that Angola, although not a neighboring country, is a very important SADC partner, which is why it was necessary to provide some explanations regarding the events that have been taking place in South Africa. Khulo Mbtaha told President João Lourenço that there are no Angolan citizens involved in the events taking place in the country. Mbtaha further said that South Africa needs to maintain good relations with its neighboring countries and that President Cyril Ramaphosa thought it important to keep President João Lourenço informed about the current events.

Khulo Mbtaha said that President João Lourenço has handed him an encouragement message. According to Cyril Ramaphosa's envoy, Angola's president stressed that "he understands the situation South Africa is going through and is ready to provide all the necessary support."

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