South Africa invited Chissano to investigate xenophobia in the country

Joaquim Chissano

Joaquim Chissano

Cyril Ramaphosa invited former Mozambican Heads of State Joaquim Chissano and Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete to investigate violence against foreigners

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his request to Joaquim Chissano and Jakaya Kikewete during an extraordinary session of the South African parliament convened to discuss xenophobic attacks in that country.

"They will make recommendations on the steps we can take to prevent these incidents from happening again," said the South African president.

The Government will also mobilize national and international humanitarian organizations to develop initiatives.

"There is no place for xenophobia in this country, no place for crime, whether committed by foreigners or committed by locals," he added.

South Africa's presidential minister, Jackson Mthembu, said the move reflects the sincerity of the fight that the authorities want to wage.

"We have to be honest in this subject, without hiding anything," Mthembu said.

The official said that a team composed only by South African people would not have credibility in the eyes of the countries of the citizens attacked during the violence against foreigners.

According to official information, since September 1, at least 12 people have died, including a foreigner whose nationality was not revealed.

According to data from the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, more than 400 Mozambicans in South Africa have expressed interest in returning to the country since the first episodes of xenophobia, but only 138 resorted to state support to return to Mozambique.