Sea economy boosts networking between Macao and Lusophone countries

Macao wants to be the gateway to the Lusophone world in China.

Boosting the sea economy through the creation of networks of cities, knowledge and media between Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries, is the core theme of the initiative Blue Platform: The New Economy, an organization of Platforma (owned by Global Media Group) and the Gaia City Council, which runs until Saturday (September 21st), and brings together a group of Portuguese, Macanese and Chinese experts.

The blue economy "is not the fruit of fashion," it is a matter "in which it is becoming urgent to integrate contributions to the municipal strategy, but it is through networks that we create that we are able to go further" and "we need everyone to do their part at the macro and micro levels to row all towards the same goal ", stressed today at the opening Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, president of the municipality of Gaia.

In a Lusophone and global context, Macao wants to establish itself as a gateway between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. Rafael Gama, advisor to the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region, recalled that the Macanese territory, as well as Hong Kong, is part of the Guangdong Grand Bay, which "in 2030 wants to be the most competitive bay zone in the world." And in this championship, "Macao is an opportunity to play the role of platform of the Lusophone world for China," enhancing an infinite set of relationships, economic, cultural or academic.

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