Rwandan community president killed in Mozambique

Louis Baziga

Louis Baziga

Louis Baziga, considered close to the regime of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, was shot dead outside Maputo

His jeep was intercepted and shot by gunmen while driving on National Road 4 (EN4) in the city of Matola, suburbs of the Mozambican capital, Mozambican televisions reported.

The body of the victim "arrived lifeless" at the Matola Provincial Hospital, with signs of having been shot several times, said Jéssica Matos, head of the emergency department, heard by TV de Moçambique (TVM).

Witnesses reported to the private channel STV that at least two men acted quickly, firing on the jeep and fleeing soon after.

Baziga had already been the target of an assassination attempt in 2016 by three Rwandan refugees in Mozambique for political reasons and religious disagreements related to a church in Matola municipality.

After detention, they claimed that Louis Baziga was in Mozambique at the service of the Government of Rwanda to persecute refugees.

In recent years, several Kagame political opponents exiled abroad have been killed or been the target of assassination attempts attributed to the Kigali regime.

Paul Kagame, former leader of the Tutsi militia Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR), meanwhile converted into a political party, directs the country with an iron hand from 2000.

In August of 2017, Kagame was reelected with 98.7% of the votes in elections marked by irregularities, according to international organizations.

The Government of Rwanda is accused by several human rights organizations of extra judicial arrests, repression of opponents and attacks on the media.