Remote control bomb made tourist bus explode: 2 dead and 12 injured

A homemade bomb was detonated and the bus carrying a group of 14 Vietnamese tourists crashed near the pyramid of Giza. The driver and the guide are among the wounded.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior confirmed the explosion of a tourist bus near the Pyramid of Giza and confirmed the death of 2 Vietnamese nationals and 12 injured, amongst them "the driver and the tour guide," according to EFE.

The bus, carrying a group of Vietnamese tourists, exploded due to a bomb attack, which has not been claimed yet.

Also according to the Spanish news agency, the bomb, placed in the avenue of Mariutiya, is a homemade device.

The bomb was hidden in a wall next to the crowded road that gives access to the pyramids and, according to the Egyptian authorities, was detonated by remote control right when the tour bus was passing by.

The explosion was heard on the nearest streets at around 6:15 pm local time (4:15 pm in Lisbon).

The Pope then expressed his "pain" over the attack that killed seven Christians and was claimed by the Daesh (Islamic State). In retaliation, Egyptian security forces killed 19 suspected terrorists involved in the attack on the Coptic Christian transport bus in the Mina province.

One of the deadliest attacks that ever happened in Egypt took place on November 24, 2017, when 40 terrorists made a bomb explode and opened fire on the crowd that was inside the Al Rawdah mosque, in the region of Sinai, frequented by Sufi Muslims. 305 people were killed and at least 90 were injured. The Islamic State controls northern Sinai.

In May of that year several gunmen had attacked a group of Coptic Christians and left 26 dead.

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