Read without limits: The presence of books censored in mainland China in Macao

The Cultural Institute does not say if there are forbidden books in Macao, but notes that the collection for the libraries only takes into account if the works enrich the libraries' collection. PLATAFORMA went to confirm if authors and books censored in the Continent are available in the region.

The Cultural Institute (CI) does not reveal if there are prohibited authors and works, or anything that prevents from buying them. In response to PLATAFORMA, it highlights that the acquisition of books for the 16 public libraries is done by the Division of Bibliographic Resources Development of the Department of Management of Public Libraries and that there is only one criterion: "All books that play into the development policy of the collection are considered to be included in it by the Macao Public Library."

The Library Development Policy of the Macao Public Library reads that "Library collections and services may not be subordinated to any improper form of scrutiny, whether conscientious, political or religious."

The same document also mentions that literary works in Chinese are "the main body of the collection" of the libraries and that the collection includes works of the regions of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and of the Interior of China, as well as literary works published abroad and works written in Chinese by the Chinese in the diaspora.

Yan Lianke, Yu Hua, Sheng Keyi, Murong Xuecun, Ma Jian and Jung Chang are controversial Chinese authors in the Continent. Recognized inside and outside of the country, they saw many of their works censored by Beijing. In Macao, their books can be found.

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