Prince Harry arrives in Angola on September 26

Prince Harry will be on Angolan soil to honor his mother's legacy, by visiting the same minefield that Princess Diana crossed in 1997.

A spokeswoman for the prince described the visit to Angola as "a particularly meaningful and poignant journey" during the presentation of the details of Harry's trip to Africa.

Thus, it was indicated, according to the Town & Country magazine, that Harry will travel alone to Angola on Thursday, September 26, which is the fourth day of the 10-day family trip. During Harry's stay in Angola, his wife, Meghan Markle, and his son, Archie, will be staying in Cape Town, South Africa.

The prince will spend the night in a demining camp run by the British charity HALO Trust, whose work Princess Diana supported over 20 years ago. The next day, he will visit a demining camp in the outskirts of Dirico, southeastern Angola, where he will remotely detonate a mine.

The most anticipated moment, however, will be when Harry travels to Huambo, to visit where Diana was photographed in January of 1997. The photographs, taken just months before her death, boosted her desire to create a global mine ban.

Harry will be joined by Huambo governor, Joana Lina, who was also the official host of Diana's visit. They will then travel to the orthopedic center that Diana also visited, which was recently redesigned and Harry will reveal the name of the new center in honor of his mother.

"The princess' work and commitment to this cause have changed the global opinion," Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said, and added that: "Now, more than two decades later, humanitarian demining work continues and the Angolan government has made a significant financial commitment to clear land mines from another large area, which is important for the conservation of Angola's unique ecosystem."

It is to be remembered that the prince has already visited Angola privately in 2013 to see the work of the HALO Trust.

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