Portuguese led high quality banknote counterfeiting network

Portuguese led high quality banknote counterfeiting network

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The Judiciary Police (PJ) has dismantled one of Europe's largest counterfeit currency networks, in an operation in which five people were arrested and more than 1800 50 and 10 Euro counterfeit banknotes were seized. The leader is a Portuguese man living in Colombia.

In a statement, PJ explains that, through the National Anti-Corruption Unit and with the collaboration of EUROPOL, they dismantled the counterfeiting network, marketed through the so-called "darknet," in an operation involving eight searches, including house searches.

In the "Deep Money" operation, 1833 counterfeit banknotes (1290 50 Euro and 543 10 Euro banknotes) were seized, in a total of 69.930,00 Euro, as well as "various objects related to the production of banknotes, namely computers, printers, security paper incorporating security filament, holograms and self-adhesive holographic bands, ultraviolet inks and ink cartridges."

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