Portugal is the 2nd best European country in the fight against climate change


https://static.globalnoticias.pt/pg/image.aspx?brand=PG&type=generate&guid=6374db77-6747-4b79-b33d-5fe38311c30a&t=20180618013636Vila Nova de Gaia, 09/06/2014 - This afternoon, Vila Nova de Gaia hosted the arrival of the biggest motorcycle marathon in Europe, which takes place between Lagoa and Vila Nova de Gaia. There were about 1300 motorcyclists from "Portugal de Lés a Lés" at the finishing line. The largest national flag was hoisted during the arrival of the bikers (Fábio Poço / Global Imagens)

Portugal ranks second in a ranking on ambition in terms of goals and measures to comply with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, only being surpassed by Sweden.

The vast majority of the European Union (EU) Member States "are failing to achieve" the targets of the Paris Agreement and Portugal is among the few countries that have called for more ambitious energy and climate targets and policies, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, concludes the study presented by the European Network for Climate Action (CAN-Europe).

Titled "Off target: Ranking of EU countries' ambition and progress in fighting climate change", the study assesses the role that Member States are playing in setting ambitious goals and policies in the area of energy and climate impact and the progress that they are making in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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