Pope acknowledges sexual abuse with "shame and regret"

Pope acknowledges sexual abuse with "shame and regret"


Francis reacted to the Pennsylvania jury's report with a letter published in seven languages recognizing that effort to ask for the forgiveness of the victims will not suffice.

In a three-page letter to Catholics around the world, revealed by the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned the "crimes" of sexual abuse committed by priests, as well as the covering up of these cases and demanded accountability. The Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church apologized for the suffering inflicted on minors, accusing church leaders of being more concerned about their reputation than about the safety of children.

"With shame and repentance, as an ecclesiastical community, we assume that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in time to recognize the extent and severity of the harm that was being done to so many lives," the Pope wrote in the letter quoted by the media.

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