Police launch anti-money laundering operation in Samba school

Civil police officers are serving 11 search and seizure warrants against members of the Academicos do Grande Rio samba school, where Juliana Paes paraded.

The searches were carried out next to a Samba school (Acadêmicos do Grande Rio) in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro).

Police officers and District Attorney agents are investigating a group suspected of running an illegal gambling and money-laundering ring.

According to the Civil Police, the targets of the operation are the honorary president of Grande Rio, Antônio Jaider Soares da Silva, and four other suspects: Leandro Jaider Soares da Silva, Dagoberto Alves Lourenço, Paulo Henrique Melo Rufino, and Yuri Reis Soares. In addition to the search operations, suspects' assets worth R$20 million have been seized.

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