Premium Photograph of Hitler with Jewish child sold at auction

Photograph courtesy of the Alexander Historical Auctions, showing Adolf Hitler with the Jewish girl Rosa

Photograph courtesy of the Alexander Historical Auctions, showing Adolf Hitler with the Jewish girl Rosa Bernile Nienau

Image auctioned this week shows the German dictator embracing a girl of Jewish origin with whom he exchanged letters for five years.

A photograph of the German dictator Adolf Hitler embracing a Jewish child who he called a 'girlfriend' was auctioned this week for 11,520 US dollars. Known as 'the Führer's child', Rosa Bernile Nienau became very close to Hitler in 1933, stated auction house Alexander Historical Auctions, which sold the photograph, online.

Rosa and her mother were in the midst of a crowd of people gathered outside Hitler's house in the Bavarian region of Germany to celebrate his birthday. After discovering that the girl was celebrating his birthday, Hitler felt immediately captivated by her.

The two were later photographed by the dictator's official photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, and one of the photos was later annotated by Hitler himself with the words 'The dear and (caring?) Rosa Nienau - Adolf Hitler, Munich, 16 June 1933', and delivered to the girl's mother in Munich.

The child had a Jewish grandmother, but that did not stop her from being a favorite of the Nazi leader. 'Investigations into this incredible story show that, from the beginning, Hitler was aware of the Jewish heritage of the girl, but chose to ignore it, either for personal reasons or for propaganda', the auctioneer said in the description of the item. However, when Hitler's private secretary, Martin Bormann, discovered the lack of 'pure' German blood, he forbade the mother and daughter from contacting with the Fuhrer.

Both the girl and the dictator maintained a correspondence relationship, Alexander Historical Auctions said, until in 1938, when Bormann suspended the correspondence definitively. Seventeen letters from the girl to Hitler can be found in the German Federal Archive, the auctioneer reported.

Rosa died on 5 October 1949, at age 17, at the Schwabing Polio Hospital, said the auction house.

The photograph arrived at the United States and, on Tuesday, it was sold in Chesapeake City, Maryland. 'The image has been delivered to us, but it's a mystery how it got to the United States', Andreas Kornfeld, vice president of the auctioneer, told CNN. 'Someone in particular had it in Germany for sure.'