"People have drowned while trying to escape the fire"

In Greece, more than 60 people have died and over 150 were injured, with numbers continuing to increase. The fires raging through the outskirts of Athens are among the deadliest in recent years and bring to mind the horror of the fires in Portugal last year.

"It's a real tragedy and the toll will keep rising in the next few hours" - Dimitrios Zorzos, a sports journalist living in Athens, told JN. The fires began on Monday afternoon and quickly spread to various parts of Attica, a region by the Aegean Sea, in the suburbs of the Greek capital, where many Greek families usually spend their summer holidays.

"People have drowned in the sea while trying to escape the fire. It's a real tragedy," the 47-year-old journalist says. Although heavy winds are normal at this time of year, Dimitrios believes that some fires were caused by humans. "Five fires started in the same area in the span of just a few minutes. There are a lot of people interested in making money from these tragedies," he says.

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