Pay attention to notes of R$100 and R$50 that don't have the word 'real' in the holographic band

Maybe you have already used a fake note and you do not even know it. In 2017, Central Bank collected almost 3 hundred thousand fake notes of R$ 100 and R$ 50, which are the most falsified. If you do not have the habit of checking, you should.

According to CB, it is the citizen's duty to check whether or not he or she is receiving a legitimate note during an exchange. Using false notes is a crime according to the Penal Code.

A message that has been circulating in WhatsApp is meant to help people who have doubts if they have received legitimate R$50 and R$100 notes. "Many false notes are circulating. They are almost perfect, often even passing the pen test, water mark, etc," says the chain.

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