"Obama was tough on illegals, but not arbitrary like Trump"


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  |  Jorge Firmino/Global Imagens

Interview with Uma Segal, a professor at the University of Missouri and a Fulbright Migration Specialist, who is on a mission in Lisbon.

It was thanks to the alert given by Otília Macedo Reis, director of the Fulbright Commission in Portugal, who learned of the presence in Lisbon of an American Migration specialist, Professor Uma Segal, of the University of Missouri, that this conversation could take place. The conversation with the DN was held at the High Commissioner for Migration and took place before Donald Trump changed his mind about the separation of illegal immigrant parents and children in the United States when they were detected at the border

As an American citizen and also a migrant specialist, how do you see the images of children separated from their parents on the US border?

It's something highlighted in the news and it is horrible. The idea of separating children from their parents is a violation of human rights. And I read that the first lady Melania Trump, who does not usually say much, spoke about it, as did Laura Bush.

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