Obama: "No high walls will deter hungry people"


https://static.globalnoticias.pt/pg/image.aspx?brand=PG&type=generate&guid=b8372920-770c-405c-a4c2-13cc5445d08b&t=20180706060751Pedro Sanchéz and Barack Obama


Speaking in Porto, the former US President linked climate change with migration flows.

"We can rest assured that there will be mass movement of people around the world" as a result of climate change, which is a risk factor for "increased conflicts" - the 44th US President said today during the Climate Change Leadership summit in Porto.

Obama pointed out that one of the factors behind the conflict in Syria was the "persistent drought that drove farmers to cities," thus radically changing demography and political power.

Before the summit, Obama had a "cordial meeting" with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchéz (photo) in Madrid.