New letter from Viganò against the Pope: "Whoever is silent, consents"

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò during a Mass in 2015

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò during a Mass in 2015

  |  REUTERS/Gregory A. Shemitz

Archbishop who a month ago accused Francisco of knowing, at least since 2013, the abuses of Cardinal McCarrick in the USA, writes a new letter

Carlo Maria Viganò once again attacked the Pope in a new letter in which he reaffirms that Francis knew of the cases of sexual harassment of then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, at least since 2013. This letter comes a month after the first one, in which the archbishop accused Francis and Benedict XVI of knowing everything and having done nothing about it.

In the new missive, the former nuncio in the USA accuses: "Neither the Pope, nor any of the cardinals in Rome denied the facts that I divulged in my testimony." Qui tacet consentit ' [Whoever remains silent, consents], certainly applies here. "

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