New blackout affects 11 states and paralyzes Caracas underground

The three metro lines in the Venezuelan capital stopped Tuesday after another blackout that affected 11 states in the country.

A new blackout affected this Tuesday's 11 of the 23 Venezuelan states, with the capital being particularly affected by the shutdown of Caracas's three metro lines, the country's media reported.

Also self-proclaimed intern president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, echoed the new blackout on social networks. "New blackout has affected 11 states as a result of the catastrophe caused by years of corruption", he wrote on Twitter.

This power outage comes about a month later, on July 22, leaving both capital and the 23 Venezuelan states in the dark after a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power station, which serves 80% of the energy consumed in Venezuela.

Plunged into a serious political and economic crisis, Venezuela has already experienced a series of blackouts this year, with the largest occurring in March when a failure paralyzed the country for almost a week.

While the President Nicolás Maduro attributes these situations to the US "electromagnetic attacks", with the complicity of the opposition, in an attempt to push him away from power, opposition and experts accuse Maduro's government as guilty of a lack of investment in infrastructures.

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