Nelson Francisco: the Angolan man who runs one of the best restaurants in Norway

Nelson Francisco: the Angolan man who runs one of the best restaurants in Norway

Nelson Francisco, 36, a native of Luanda province, Cazenga municipality, settled in Norway in 2003, having passed through the Netherlands and Portugal, and to this day never left. Now, Nelson works as a manager at one of the best-selling restaurants, Friday City, located in Oslo, capital of Norway.

Since childhood, young Nelson Francisco had always dreamed of being a citizen of the world. From an early age he emigrated to Portugal and then to Holland, where he went to live in search of better living conditions, but it was in Norway, in Oslo itself, that he found what he was looking for. Nelson came to Norway through a cousin who left the Netherlands to live in Oslo and, in the week he spent there, he was charmed by the city.

At first, Nelson struggled to adapt to the climate and even to the language, but the greatest difficulty for the young dreamer was the same as for other immigrants: finding employment. The young Angolan did not give up and went looking for a job to support himself, and so, in 2007, after an interview and having presented his curriculum vitae, Nelson was selected to work in the area of catering in one of the best networks of restaurants and hotels in Norway, called Friday City. Today he has 12 years of experience and fruit of his dedication and competence in the job, Nelson was appointed to the position of manager of a unit of Friday, in 2015. He manages a team of 87 employees with Norwegians, Swedes, among other nationalities. Despite his work, Nelson did not give up on his education. Working at night, in the mornings he spends his time in one of the Norwegian schools, there he attends the second year of high school in hotel management and leadership.

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