Premium Mozambican women forced to have sex in exchange for rice

Cases of coercion and sexual abuse are a stain on Mozambique's donated food distribution system. Donations are being diverted from the people and then appear for sale in commercial banks.

LIB is immersed in the black crowd of people with arms stretched out in tension, white palms raised to the sky. The turmoil is huge and disorderly, and she waits, expressionless, quiet, ignoring everything, until she drops her arms and lowers her eyes, now stuck on the ground.

Everyone around her is waving their arms, like tentacles, screaming, banging their heads against one another, pushing - but not her, she has frozen. She understood it the moment she saw the face of a man leaning against the truck, she saw his eyes said 'no'. Then he said it out loud and everyone around him heard it: 'Not you. You won't get food. Go home. I'll go there and bring you the bag. Go, don't stand here, go away." And LIB abandoned the crowd, ashamed, distraught, and walked away very slowly, her dark feet in her pink sandals lifting tiny dusty clouds.

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