More than 40,000 Angolans returned to Angola in the past three years

Luanda, Angola

Luanda, Angola


More than 40,000 Angolan migrants in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Republic of the Congo, DR Congo, South Africa and Namibia have returned to Angola in the last three years.

According to João Mucaba, president of the Conselho Nacional da Associação dos Angolanos Ex-Emigrantes, more than 3,000 are refugees who lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Republic of the Congo. They were included in the social programs and projects created by the Government that are, for example, linked to family farming.

João Mucaba, who did not present statistical data on the number of emigrants in each of the countries, assumed that, for many, adaptation was not easy at the initial stage, and that the difficulties "were immense," especially in the acquisition and updating of documents of citizenship.

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