More than 40 minors sexually abused in 10 months in Huíla

More than 40 minors sexually abused in 10 months in Huíla

Crime rates have been on the rise throughout Huíla Province The number of rape crimes is also on the rise, often with minors involved either as victims or as perpetrators. 47 sexual assaults on minors were reported in Huíla Province from January to October 2018.

Aged between 2 and 14, the victims were listed by the National Police in Huíla, from January to October this year, across the province's various municipalities. Lubango was the province where most crimes were committed. The data were presented yesterday (November 16) in the city of Lubango, Huíla province, by Manuel Halaiwa, the Provincial Director of the Institutional Communication and Press Office of the Interior Ministry's Delegation.

Halaiwa said that these figures are part of a total of 110 rape crimes, of which 96 were 'solved' by the National Police in Huíla Province. Speaking at the presentation of a group of 16 felons (12 of whom have been charged with rape and 4 with qualified murder), Halaiwa added that such crimes often involve people who are close to the victims, such as uncles, stepfathers and cousins. "For this reason, we call upon parents and guardians not to leave their children and students at the mercy of these people; try not to leave them home alone, and don't let them go to deserted places at night. Likewise, avoid putting objects that expose them to risk at their disposal, such as money and mobile phones," he said. In the same period, the National Police recorded the occurrence of about 84 homicides, both qualified and aggravated, of which 74 have been solved and 7 remain open.

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