Mangkhut has weakened in the Philippines, but is still a cause for concern

Typhoon Mangkhut

Typhoon Mangkhut


Officials have downgraded the typhoon Mangkhut from a super-typhoon to a Category 4 hurricane equivalent. However, all care is few.

The Hawaii-based Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) lowered the category of the typhoon Mangkhut from a super-typhoon to an equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane, after it reached the northeast of the Philippines before sunrise on Saturday and having weakened it's intensity.

However, the storm, which continues to worry the populations in southern China, has already caused floods and landslides in the Philippines. The Philippine government has not registered any victims thus far. The storm struck Luzon with heavy rains and gusts of wind. Transportation has been paralyzed, especially since most of the roads are flooded. The airports are closed.

According to the JTWC, Mangkhut passed the Philippines with maximum wind speed in the order of 212 kilometers per hour. The local meteorological services showed slightly lower values.

Mangkhut is expected to hit southern China intensely by Sunday lunch time. Currently, the storm is about 800 kilometers from Macau and a signal 1 has already been raised, with the forecast of raising it to a signal 3 on Saturday night. The storm is moving at about 30 kilometers per hour.

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