Man killed 7 month old daughter on Father's Day

Man killed 7 month old daughter on Father's Day

Diogo Morais Justino, 23, attempted suicide after committing the crime but was rescued and taken to hospital. He was detained in the act

A 23-year-old man who never accepted separation from his wife killed his 7-month-old daughter in Sapezal, 473 km from Cuiabá (Mato Grosso), Brazil, on Father's Day, celebrated last Sunday after spending the weekend with the baby. Diogo Morais Justino needed police escort to avoid being beaten by the population in shock with the crime, reported the website of The Globe.

According to the Military Police, Diogo Morais Justino attempted suicide after committing the crime, but he was helped and taken to a hospital unit.

After being treated at the hospital, the young man was taken to a police station and caught red-handed.

According to police, the child's parents are separated and the mother had given permission for the baby daughter to spend the weekend with her father. Over the weekend, the man reportedly called his ex-wife and said he would 'solve' the problem. Apparently he never quite accepted the end of the relationship.

Military Police found the dead child on his father's chest. A screwdriver was beside them. The researchers have also found two wet knives and a blood-soiled sponge, according to O Globo news.

The father, according to the police, has a history of psychiatric problems, which may have been one of the motivations of the crime.