Macron: "We will rebuild Notre Dame"

Speaking to the press outside Notre Dame Cathedral, the French president announced the launch of an international fund-raising campaign.

"We will rebuild Notre Dame," Emmanuel Macron told reporters outside Notre Dame Cathedral at 10.50 pm (GMT) while the flames were still engulfing the monument. In order to carry out France's top priority plan at this time, the French President announced "the launch of an international fund-raising campaign." Macron sent a message of "hope" to the French people, ensuring that the reconstruction will go forward.

The fire started around 6 pm and has been active for the past five hours.

French firefighters claimed to have saved the building's structure from total ruin, although aerial footage show that the fire has spreading everywhere, leaving only two towers intact - on the front and back. One of Notre Dame's rose windows collapsed. The event's most iconic image was the collapse of the pinnacle in later in the afternoon.

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