Macau raises emergency alert level due to viral pneumonia in China

Macau raises emergency alert level due to viral pneumonia in China

The Territory Health Services director announced today that the emergency alert level has been raised to three

"Raising the alert level serves to increase the degree of collaboration between services in Macao," Lei Chin Ion told at a press conference.

The same official stressed that no occurrence was reported in Macao, but the situation in Wuhan represents a "medium risk" as defined by the legislation in force in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

Macau law sets five alert levels, the first being "especially severe" and the fifth "normal." A level three alert is a medium risk level that requires closer monitoring.

Thus, following a meeting this morning with the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Ao Ieong U, the interdepartmental operating mechanism was activated to enable the strengthening of prevention and coordination activities between various public services such as Health, Education, Tourism, the Social Action Institute, the Municipal Affairs Institute, Police, Fire department and Customs, among others.

Until now, Macao Health Authorities have reported five cases of passengers coming from Wuhan with fever. Four of them were residents and have been discharged. The fifth, a 44-year-old female tourist from Wuhan, was hospitalized in isolation, as a precaution, although she had no symptoms of viral pneumonia.

On Thursday, Macao Health Services had tightened temperature control for all passengers on the two daily air links between the territory and Wuhan.

The head of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Lam Chong, added that cases reported in Hong Kong were related to viral pneumonia in Wuhan. Also Zhuhai, adjacent to Macau, did not record any "case of unknown origin."

Last Friday, the number of people infected with viral pneumonia in the Chinese city of Wuhan rose from 27 on December 31st, to 44, according to Chinese officials.