Macau funds research on viral pneumonia



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The authorities announced that the Government of Macau will financially support scientific research projects related to pneumonia caused by the new Chinese coronavirus, which has already killed more than a thousand people in China.

"The Fund for the Development of Science and Technology (FDCT) is collecting scientific research projects related to the new coronavirus from higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, science and technology companies, and scientific researchers," announced that entity in a statement.

Support will be given to projects in the area of technology for detecting pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, disease prevention and treatment, drug research and development, mechanisms for preventing and controlling sudden infectious diseases, as well as for social recovery after the epidemic.

The projects will have priority in the approval and the proposed amount of each project should not exceed 500 thousand patacas (57 thousand euros), with the financial support period not to exceed one year.

According to the FDCT, the objective is to "strengthen" the Macau Special Administrative Region in response to the recent outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, "to strengthen the capacity to prevent and control emerging and sudden infectious diseases, as well as to provide a strong scientific and technological support for the prevention and control of the epidemic ".

Helath officials admitted on Sunday that of the 10 people infected with coronavirus in Macau since the beginning of the epidemic, nine remain in hospital, but are expected to be discharged in the coming days.

In the past few weeks, 691 tests have been carried out. Of these, 656 suspected cases have already been ruled out. Twenty-five people continue to await the results of the analysis, while 19 people are no longer in isolation.

The authorities also said that 91 people remain in the province of Hubei, the Chinese province where the coronavirus began, in which some cities are quarantined.

One of the first measures of the Government of Macau, in addition to sending thousands of students and civil servants home, was the rationing of masks. The lack of disinfectants on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets has also led the Government to issue industrial licenses urgently for local factories to produce these products.