Lula da Silva received by Pope Francis

The Former President spent 580 days in prison

The Former President spent 580 days in prison

  |  Sebastiao Moreira/EPA

Lula da Silva has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Pope Francis, who last year sent him a letter while serving a prison sentence in the process of Operation Lava Jato, at the headquarters of the Federal Police of Curitiba, southern Brazil.

The Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva is received this Thursday by Pope Francis, at the Vatican, to whom he intends to thank the solidarity during his arrest, in addition to debating the fight against poverty in Brazil.

"I am going to visit Pope Francis to thank him not only for the solidarity he had with me in a difficult time, but above all for his dedication to the oppressed people. I also want to discuss the Brazilian experience in fighting poverty, "wrote Lula da Silva, last week, on his official Twitter account.

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