Luis Giovani's death. "We arrived ten days late", says Judiciary Police

Luís Giovani

Luís Giovani

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The PJ is being "bombarded" with messages demanding results in the case of the Cape Verdean student's death, although the investigation only started after the death occurred, on December 31.

PSP, formerly responsible for the case, didn't even go to the bar where it all allegedly started. But it guarantees that there were no other aggression complaints that night in Bragança.

"I hereby show my indignation (...). I hope this won't be one more of those cases where impunity prevails."

The statements quoted are just an example of the messages received by the Judiciary Police in recent days. They concern the case of the 21-year-old Cape Verdean student Luís Giovani dos Santos Rodrigues, who died on December 31, after 10 days in a coma following a blow to the head.

"I think we've never had so many emails like this", someone in the police admits to DN, adding: "We're being bombarded. But we arrived ten days late on the case."

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