Luanda tests electronic ticket system in transportation

Luanda tests electronic ticket system in transportation

An electronic ticketing system on public transport in Luanda is being tested for "accurate passenger data" and daily revenues.

According to the director general of the National Institute of Road Transport (NIRT), Jorge Bengui, the electronic ticketing system tests began on the 4th of this month and last until May 4th with electronic devices installed in eight buses that already circulate in three lines of Luanda.

"Technological equipment for ticket validation is installed in buses, that is, public transport passes are issued to test the technological solution that will soon be implemented in road transportation in Angola," he said.

The tests, which are part of the Angolan Public Transport Modernization Program, arise to gauge the degree of passenger control, revenue collection and all the indicators that the system can transmit to its operators.

"We need to know what the compatibility of this solution with our reality is, so that it is actually configured with our daily lives. We still don't know exactly how many passengers are transported in our cities, in other words, the calculation of the number of passengers transported today in the road means are made by estimates", he stressed out. "And this isn't recommended and it isn't good for any transportation system", he said.

The new electronic ticket system in Angolan public transport provides for the allocation of a passenger ticket, which will have to validate it through the device installed in the buses.

According to Jorge Bengui, the system will also allow operators to have "exact control of the revenues that are collected on a daily basis," a solution, he said, that will "eliminate various constraints and allow more passenger control."

In Luanda, there are four transport operators - Macon, Tura, Angoaustral and the Transportadora Coletiva Urbana de Luanda (TCUL), the only belonging to the government.