Luanda needs 1800 buses

Luanda Bay

Luanda Bay

The province of Luanda needs at least 1800 buses to solve the problem of people and consumer goods' mobility.

Amadeu Campos, the provincial director of transport, traffic and urban mobility, said, today, in Luanda. The one in charge, who presented the theme "The problem of urban mobility in Luanda" at the 1st International Conference on Mobility, reported that the city's current fleet is composed by 213 operational buses and 54 routes.
The General Plan for Luanda (PDGL- 2015/2030), elaborated in 2015, estimates 1800 buses and 105 routes will be needed.
The average age of the bus fleet in circulation is five years and the Luanda province has an operational fleet supported by five urban transport companies, one public and four private, which do not reach 15% of the real needs of the province.
"The last report on the fleet was made in January of this year, where it was noted that 54 careers were made by the five companies (TCUL, MACOM, TURA, ANGOAUTRAL and SGO).
He said that the SGO has not operated since 2018, which demonstrates how small the operating fleet is in the capital city. This hampers citizen mobility.

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