Judge accepts complaint and João de Deus will be judged for sexual abuse

João de Deus

João de Deus

The judge of first instance accepted the accusation of the Public Ministry against the medium João de Deus. He will be tried for the crimes of rape

The psychic João de Deus is imprisoned in the Custody Center and denies the accusations. He is being heard by the Civil Police inside the prison. The information is from the G1.

Judge Rosângela Rodrigues dos Santos, of the first instance, accepted the complaint against the medium João de Deus this Wednesday. He is now accused of the crime of rape in Abadiânia.

According to a statement released by the corporation, the statement comes as part of the investigation into the illegal possession of firearms found in his house during searches. This is the first time the medium is heard after the delegate Karla Fernandes took over the co-ordination of investigations. According to the corporation, this investigation must be finalized this Wednesday and sent to the Judiciary.

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