Japanese praise new imperial era, but complain about extended vacation

The Japanese welcome the new era with the abdication of the emperor, but they do not welcome the 10 consecutive days of vacation that will come along with this news.

Incredibly, 45 percent of Japanese say they are "disgruntled" with the fact that the traditional Golden Week, a series of holidays, runs from 27 April to 6 May this year. Only 35% are "satisfied," according to a survey by the Asahi newspaper.

"I confess that with 10 days of vacation in a row I'm not sure what to do," said Seishu Sato, 31, who works with finances in Tokyo. "I could travel but there will be a lot of demand everywhere and it will be expensive. I'll probably end up going to my parents' house. "

The Japanese are not used of taking a vacation. According to the Ministry of Labor, of an average of 18 days granted to employees last year, only nine were used.

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