ISIS claims raid and killing of soldiers



ISIS has claimed an armed attack against civilian and military targets in northern Mozambique, according to its newsletter Al-Naba.

The claim refers to an attack in Mengaleuwa, reported on Sunday, which killed eight people, and also includes a village called Dimayo.

The group says it has attacked military outposts where Mozambican and Russian troops were stationed, killing six soldiers and wounding several others. It also claims it has stolen weapons and ammunition, in addition to destroying civilian structures.

Attacks by armed groups in Cabo Delgado province started two years ago in radicalized Muslim communities, and the so-called Islamic State has been claiming some of the attacks since June.

Analysts and officials doubt that ISIS members are actually in the territory and believe it is more likely that someone on the ground conveyed the information to the organization.

Last week, attacks in the vicinity of natural gas megaprojects in the Afungi Peninsula forced officials to suspend some of the works for a day as a safety measure.

Since the beginning of the attacks in Cabo Delgado, at least 300 people have died, according to official and unofficial figures, and 60,000 people have been affected - many of whom, according to the UN, have been forced to flee the region in search of safety.