Isabel dos Santos shares photo with her mother

Isabel dos Santos' Christmas postcard

Isabel dos Santos' Christmas postcard

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The Angolan businesswoman took to social media to wish her followers a merry Christmas and added a photo with her husband, her youngest son, and her mother.

On a rare occasion, Isabel dos Santos took to social media to share a family photo in which she appears with her mother, Tatiana Kukanova, the first wife of former Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos.

"I wish our family, our friends and those who follow this page a Merry Christmas, with much Peace, Harmony, Health and Happiness in the company of their loved ones. Happy Holidays!"- reads the small message that the Angolan businesswoman posted with the photo, in which she is accompanied by her husband and art collector Sindika Dokolo, her youngest son, and her mother.

Sacked from the presidency of Sonangol by João Lourenço in November 2017, Isabel dos Santos is frequently mentioned in conversations about the so-called anti-corruption campaign in Angola and the capital repatriation process, which has become coercive last Wednesday.

And although her brother José Filomeno dos Santos (Zénu) has been in preventive custody since September 24, Isabel dos Santos has not yet been involved in any criminal case - all we have is an alleged subpoena from the Attorney General as part of the investigation into the alleged mismanagement of Sonangol.